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Faster decision making


Increased operational efficiency


Maximized customer satisfaction


Profitable growth

Intelligent Business Operations

The integrated FOBISS IBO platform connects people, infrastructure, resources and data allowing business processes to run smoothly, accurately and faster than before.
It is achieved by combining state-of-the-art technologies for monitoring, reporting, analyzing and managing the business performance of an organization’s daily business operations.

  • High-performing companies embed analytics directly into decision and operational processes, and take advantage of machine-learning and other technologies to generate insights in the millions per second rather than an insight a week or month.

    Tom DavenportInternational Institute for Analytics
  • We’re at an inflection point in the evolution of data analytics. The insights from analytics will soon no longer be reserved for an elite few. In the future, these insights will be available to just about anybody.

    Kelly, John E., III
  • Companies make thousands of decisions every day. Success of every enterprise depends on the quality of the decisions that it makes.

    Gartner, Inc.


FOBISS CM™ – Intelligent cash management

Designed for Banks, CIT’s, Cash Vaults and Independent Service Operators, FOBISS Cash Management software is the only tool that uses actionable data to provide businesses with the right information to make the strategic and tactical decisions of cash supply chain management operations in real time.


FOBISS RIO™ – Intelligent operations for retail

FOBISS RIO™ is a solution for planning and optimization of inventory, resources and retail supply chain operations. From self-service networks and convenience stores to large supermarkets. Any size retail companies will benefit from efficient resource utilization and increased productivity. Our solution is the right tool for flexibility and supply chain visibility that your business needs in order to achieve a competitive advantage.


Would you Employ Artificial Intelligence at Your Bank? Todays’ modern technologies allow us to get answers with a single click of a button. So why not use them?

Artificial Intelligence is Already Managing Banks. We see only the beginning of wide application of artificial intelligence methods in the field of business operations management.

At Retail Business technology Expo we will showcase FOBISS RIO™, an innovative intelligent business operations technology, which enables retailers to efficiently manage their entire supply chains.

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